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Kasparas Aleknavicius

Results-driven visionary, who thinks that the gold medal - is the only medal, and follows the willingness of change.

Bringing my skills to the table to facilitate growth and performance: imagination, forecasts, perspective, persistence, quality and energy.

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Strengths - a double edged sword. ⚔️

Many tend to strengthen every talent they have. One thing often under-considered is that everything comes with a price. Being a man of many skills also means being susceptible to corresponding pitfalls of those. Here are some of mine.

Futuristic 👨‍🚀

I am fascinated with tomorrow. I love the inspiration that comes from dreaming. I hate contentment with status quo.

It means I sometimes lack pragmatism and can get stuck in a "Fantasy Island".

Strategic 📅

I am willing to consider all the possibilities so the best one isn't missed. I love seeing a way when others assume there is no way. I hate doing things the way we have always done them.

It means I sometimes jump to quick decisions.

Competition 🥇

I am aware of my competitors. I love a chance to go against the best. I hate coming in second.

It means I sometimes can seem self-centered and confrontational.

Ideation 💡

I am incredibly aware of border-less and timeless human family. I love circles of life and continuity. I hate "us vs. them" mentality.

It means I sometimes can seem blabbermouth and always needing an attention.

Adaptability 🎭

I am utilitarian resource collector. I love providing relevant and tangible help. I hate not having things useful to others.

It means I sometimes can know a lot of worthless information.

Communicate 🎤

I am impatient with inactivity. I love initiation and instigation. I hate waiting and time wasting.

It means I sometimes can be loose cannon of speak before thinking.

Input 🔣

I am committed to excellence. I love quality being values as much as quantity. I hate an obsession with weakness fixing.

It means I sometimes can seem picky or always reworking.

Activator ✔️

I am unaffected by the ambiguity and the risk of innovation. I love coming up with something brand new. I hate doing what we have always done.

It means I sometimes can seem serendipitous and lack a follow-though.

Maximizer 💯

I am here and now person. I love spontaneity. I hate predictability of myself.

It means I sometimes can seem inconclusive.

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Kasparas Aleknavicius